Orbital Africa has been in fore-front in providing most stable and easy to use Geospatial consultancy services in Africa that meet the clients' needs at minimal cost.

Global NetworksAt Orbital Africa, we strongly believe that by creating global partnership for long-term and trust-based mutual co-operation in Geospatial realm, we will strengthen the bond with our clients and partners, propel us to great heights of success whilst optimizing our synergy in offering state-of-the-art and modern Geo products, services as well as solutions. To augment, the delivery of robust and cutting-edge Geospatial solutions, we from time to time adopt latest technology to enable us offer services which matches with current technology. Needless to say, we've expanded and extended our market geographical territory and coverage outside Kenya. This is exemplified by various projects we've executed in other African countries e.g. Gambia, Rwanda, S. Sudan etc.

ZAMBIA: Training on Application of GIS in Environmental Management

From the year 2020 to present, we've offered training to various PhD students form Copperbelt University, Zambia. GIS in Environmental Management The training mainly focuses on Application of GIS in Environmental Management, Urban Land use change modelling, Land use Fragmentation using Fragstats and Spatial Metrics among others.

GAMBIA: Training on Application of GIS in Health Information Systems

During the Month of August 2019, we conducted above training in Nairobi to 4 staff from Ministry of Health, Gambia. The training entailed application of GIS in Analyzing Spread of Diseases such as Malaria and Ebola. The software and tools used include NetLogo, R, ArcGIS, EpiCollect5, DHIS2 among others.

RWANDA: REMA Training on ERDAS Imagine and LPS Software in Kigali

The project entailed training of 10 staff from Rwanda Environmental Management Authority (REMA) on ERDAS Imagine and Leica Photogrammetry Suite (LPS) was carried out on Feb 2013.

MADAGASCAR: Training on AspMap Applications in Antananarivo

The project was executed on Jan 2018. It entailed designing and developing Geospatial Technology Applications using AspMap Software tools for Rural Development sector and develop the capacity, skills and knowledge levels of functionaries at different organizational levels. A total of 20 Staff Members were Trained.

SOMALIA: Topo Survey and Training on Total Station in Mogadishu

The project was conducted on Nov 2018. The client was NIS Foundation. It entailed topographical survey works, levelling and computing of OGL levels for water pipeline route surveys for 15 Km stretch. The longitudinal and cross-sectional profiles for the water pipeline route were prepared in AutoCAD Civil 3D. A total of 15 Staff Members were Trained.

S.SUDAN: Topo Survey and Production of Topo Maps in Juba

The project was conducted by our Surveyor Peter Muthee on Feb 2019. The client was RI International. The project scope focused on detailed topographical survey of existing building structures and setting out of new structures; underground survey work; plotting of data in AutoCAD Civil 3D and map production. Reference: Ms Betty Nyoike ([email protected])

SUDAN: Virtual/Online GIS for M&E Training to 15 BADEA Engineers

The virtual training on Application of GIS in Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects to 15 engineers from Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (BADEA). The online training was conducted from 16th January 2022 to 10th February 2022. Reference: Ms Gada Fidail ([email protected])