Satellite Imagery

Our main goal is provide most stable and easy to use Satellite Imagery products and services that meet our clients' needs at minimal cost.

Satellite Images

We offer high resolution Satellite images and their associated products e.g. DEM, DSM, DTM etc. from SIIS Company in S. Korea. We also provide technical support and training on the same. The satellite imagery products include KOMPSAT2, KOMPSAT3 and KOMPSAT5 imagery products. Full product details can be downloaded here. Additionally, with our drone/UAVs services, clients can obtain Drone images of 3cm spatial resolution at pocket-friendly prices!

KOMPSAT Satellite Images

SI-Imaging's KOMPSAT satellite imagery products (KOMPSAT2, KOMPSAT3 and KOMPSAT5) details can be viewed and and downloaded here: Download

You can also request a quote for any of these satellite imagery products by sending us an e-mail at: [email protected] or call us on: 0719-672296.