Artificial Intelligence

Our main goal is provide reliable Geospatial intelligence technology products, services and solutions that meet our clients' needs at minimal cost.

Geo Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) also known as “machine intelligence” emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines and applications that work and react like humans using complex computer programming algorithms. AI entails speech recognition, learning, reasoning, perception problem solving etc. We employ Geospatial Artificial Intelligence (Geo-AI) which is a new form of machine learning (core part of AI) based on a geographic component i.e. in mapping, map intepretation urban traffic and BIG data analysis; and feature extration from satellite/drone images through Deep Learning (DL).

Geospatial Artificial Intelligence

Geo Artificial Intelligence

We employ AI, ML and DL technology to address and solve spatial problems.

Drone/UAV Mapping

Augmented & Virtual Reality

3D GIS modelling is fused with AR and VR transorm how we tell spatial stories!

Drone Data Processing

GIS Big Data Analytics

GIS BIG Data entails drone and satellite data, weather as well as traffic data.


At Orbital Africa, we employ robust AI technology tools to build 3D maps using high-quality geographic data to create 3D visualizations, run simulations, and develop dynamic location-based experiences and applications. Robust digital map-making power for developers to quickly create virtual worlds, smart buildings and much more. We build various web, mobile, VR, or AR applications using the WRLD 3D maps SDKs as well as map design tools.

You can request a quote for Geospatial AI, VR, DL or 3D mapping services by sending us an e-mail at: [email protected] or call us on: 0719-672296.